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HR Processes : simpler to use, cheaper to operate totoop=operatelanning

I keep six honest serving men

They taught me all I knew

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who

When was the last time you reviewed your HR Processes ?

It is surprising how quickly things that were once very efficient and effective are now costly to operate and time consuming to perform.


Changes in the business or personnel can leave behind inefficient practices and processes that are a hidden drain on your precious company resources.


Automation can reduce the risk of error and provide more efficient and less expensive processes.


But a simple review and and update could also yield real benefits.

We can map what is done, why, where, when and by whom?  We will document the updated processes and leave you with a simple and effective tool to mange the current scenarios and help you to monitor and enable any future changes.

Kept up to date, these are invaluable aids for the introduction and training of new starters, they provide evidence of “in-control” working methods for quality purposes and are essential to ensure the appropriate design and management of the HR systems and tools deployed within your business.

Removal of outdated, unnecessary or ineffective process steps will save you time and money.