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HR Self Service

Remove the “middle man” where no value is added ........

For the “Tier 0” part of the service there are two main categories:

1.) Manager Self Service

Here we give direct access to the busy manager to validate employee requests, get direct access to key reports and employee data and a variety of ways to manage and resource plan for their teams. HR provides the appropriate access to a range of tools to help the manager with their people issues. From validating a holiday request through to accessing specific policies and procedures.

2.) Employee Self Service

Here we give direct access to employees to see and change their data (e.g. address, next of kin, emergency contact etc.) make requests to their manager (e.g. holiday, shift change, expense claims etc.) for the appropriate next level line approval. They can also view their own data record, see their on-line time statement, see their payslip plus any other areas of policy (e.g. on-line handbook) and generally catch up with company communications.
Elements of the HR Operating Model