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HR Operating Model

There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create a stage for the singers and dancers to perform.

The Human Resources Function can be shaped and designed in many different ways.


The best operating model is the one that is both efficient and effective while fitting with the culture and structure of the organisation.


The trend towards HR Business Partners, Centres of Expertise and HR Shared Services leads to a variety of challenges.


We can help you to arrive at a suitable Service Delivery Model by assessing your needs using a structured approach to build an HR function designed to best partner your business.


We will help you to consider the People, Process and Technology components necessary to make HR thrive within your organisation.


We will consider the best approach to building some or all of self-service, shared service, business partnering and centres of expertise in a way that fits with the culture of your managers and their teams. There is no “one size fits all” solution.


You will have a plan to implement the changes that will deliver on time, on quality and on cost.


And we will keep things simple because we think you’d prefer it that way

Elements of the HR Operating Model