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HR Shared Services

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There are two main element:s

1.) The Front Desk

Handling the first line enquiries, opening “case tickets”, dealing with simple administrative tasks and database changes. Refers to Tier 2 back office desk where the task or the enquiry is more complex or where it needs referral to a subject matter expert. The aim here is to resolve and action as much as possible from this first point of contact but knowing the boundaries of capability and time so that an effective and efficient service is maintained.

2.) The Back Office

Here the shared service team process the more complex administration tasks and pursue the more time consuming enquiries. This is where the high volume administrative processing takes place (e.g. Benefits admin, bulk pay increases/bonuses and general payroll processing). The case ticket will have already been opened by the Front Desk so the work can be tracked from start to conclusion. Where necessary the case will be referred to the appropriate Centre of Expertise or Business Partner but generally this shared service team will endeavour to process and resolve 70% + all all work flowing in through the Tier 1 front desk.
Elements of the HR Operating Model